Criminal Defense

Get an Advocate who will Fiercely Fight in Your Favor

By hiring a former prosecutor, you can retain an advocate who has experience on both sides of the courtroom. A former prosecutor understands how cases progress from the moment of the arrest, to the end of the trial and potential appeal process.


Immigration Law

The Law Office of Adam Ruiz, in Florida, advocates for immigration, nationality and consular law matters in the United States and abroad. The Law Office of Adam Ruiz offers knowledgeable assistance to individuals, families and companies with immigration and nationality needs.


Our Mission…

The Law Office of Adam Ruiz’ mission is to provide high quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect for our clients and the community. IN PURSUIT OF THIS MISSION, WE WILL HOLD TO THESE VALUES:

* EXCELLENCE. We strive to become one of the most sought-after providers of legal services in the region.

* SERVICE. We endeavor to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients in all aspects of their legal representation.

* ENCOURAGEMENT. We promote a collegian atmosphere in which all individuals are encouraged to learn, improve and excel and to become leaders in the legal, business and civic communities.

* STRENGTH. We conduct our affairs to provide the financial strength and growth necessary to attract and keep the highest quality lawyers and staff.

* DIVERSITY. We encourage diversity among our members and respect for differences among us.

* SUPPORTIVENESS. We work daily to enhance the supportive attitude, common bond and collective sense of humor — the special working atmosphere — which is a hallmark of our firm.

* COMMUNITY. We will pursue our belief that individuals with a sense of family and community and with interests outside the practice of law are better for it.

Next Steps…

Call the firm at 850-933-4991 for a professional consultation to learn how the firm may be of assistance.

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